About The Parenthood Paradox

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, I’m sure it is for a good reason. Maybe the same reason I started this blog in the first place. I was on the hunt for a different perspective on parenthood. One where your child doesn’t fit that “normal” mould. I couldn’t find that place, so I decided that if I could help only one person through something difficult then its time well spent. Now, this is somewhere for every parent, guardian or family members to communicate and discuss the reality of raising children.

Why the Parenthood Paradox? Well, a paradox can be defined as a way to describe an opinion or statement contrary to accepted traditional ideas. This is what parenting is like for my family, nothing seems to be traditional and my thought process surrounding my children is massively contradictory I sadly focus on negatives but am one hundred percent aware of the rational reality. I just like all parents am a work in progress.

About Me

Now I’ve introduced you to the idea of this blog, I guess its time to let you know a little bit about myself to give this blog some context. I’m Danielle, mum of two girls Poppy and Holly and wife to my husband Oliver. If a few years ago someone would have told me I’d be writing a blog about parenthood I wouldn’t have believed them. But having my two girls has put me through some pretty testing times in the past two years. This journey I am on in particular with my eldest daughter Poppy could be insightful for some people, and I really hope that someone stumbles across this blog and feels like they are not alone.

About My Girls

At 7 weeks old Poppy was diagnosed with a fetal stroke, a cyst on her brain and hydrocephalus meaning her brain cannot drain fluid naturally so a shunt was fitted to do this for her. I’ve never met anyone else who’s baby had a stroke in the womb, maybe this blog will be the place that will happen. At two years old Poppy cannot speak or communicate, there is a possibility of an Autism diagnosis in the future and lots of other investigating going on. It may seem bizarre that I’m going into so much detail about her but it really will make most of my posts make sense.

My youngest daughter Holly was born via emergency c-section at 35 weeks. We spent 10 days in neonatal with a very rocky start to her life. Her entering this world the way she did meant I nearly lost my life. And really this is where my journey began, facing mortality really puts life in a different perspective. Although the start to Holly’s life was traumatic it helped me reach the more positive mindset I’m in now, that makes writing all this down so useful for me.

So I’d really love if you came on this journey with me to see where it leads us!

Danielle Swan x